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Professional Web Hosting


Designing and creating your webpage is only the first step in getting it online. For other people to be able to see your webpage it needs to be hosted on a computer that is permanently connected to the internet.

There are several professional web hosting companies on the internet and they all offer so many similar packages it's hard to know what you need and what you don't.

The basic components you need from a professional web hosting package are web space and bandwidth. The amount of web space corresponds to your particular web page, for example 100mb might be enough for a small website, or if you have lots of graphics and videos you might need several Gb, or even an unlimited account. Bandwidth is how much of this space can fit down their internet line a month. For example if you host a video that is 1mb in size, then every time someone downloads this video there goes 1mb of your bandwidth, over a month this can really add up and if you go over the bandwidth restrictions the hosting company will pull down your website for the rest of the month. A good professional web hosting company will allow you to restrict downloads from your site, so when you are nearly out of bandwidth all the large files will be disabled and the basic site will still run.

Other features hosting companies include are things like a POP3 inbox, either limited to around ten, or unlimited which allows you to have an email address such as There are several advanced features such as mySQL, CGI and PERL, which are important for advanced WebPages such as ones including a shopping cart.

When choosing somewhere to host your website it is important to employ a professional web hosting company rather than a cheaper alternative. Cheap hosting may have unspecified downtime, unreasonable bandwidth restrictions or they may un-expectantly go out of business leaving you without a host at all.

The most important thing about professional web hosting is the reliability of the company. The services they will provide and price is also a factor, but if the company is unreliable then you might as well not have a website.


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