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Professional Teeth Whitening


Professional teeth whitening procedures now offer a brighter smile after only a few in-office treatments by your dentist. Results are immediate and sometimes only one treatment is necessary.

The whitening process utilizes a bleaching solution which usually ranges from 15% to 35% hydrogen peroxide. The process varies depending on the system selected by the dentist. One company, marketing their product under the name "LumaArch", uses a xenon-halogen bleaching light to bolster the effects of the bleaching solution. Their system calls for their "LumaWhite" solution to be administered in three separate eight minute sessions. The whole process takes less than an hour in the dentist's office. Still another company, "Zoom", suggests that their product be applied in three twenty minute sessions, with each application being enhanced by the use of their mercury metal halide bleaching light. There is no dearth of companies advertising the "best" professional teeth whitening process available anywhere.

Professional Teeth Whitening, performed by a dentist, can cost anywhere from $500 to over $1000 dollars. There is no dearth of professional systems from which to choose; however, most consumers will rely on the advice of their dentist. It appears that in most cases, results are comparable between products. A consumer's satisfaction is most often related to the original condition of their teeth and to the care and skill of their dentist.

Not everyone who wants whiter teeth will choose to see their dentist for professional teeth whitening applications. Many consumers seeking a flashing smile will find the market flooded with different products and systems, all of which guarantee excellent results. Although at-home whitening systems cost less than professional teeth whitening processes, they can take weeks or even months to produce desired results. The difference of course, between professional teeth whitening and at-home products, lies in the strength of the whitening gel and the method of application. Also, the aforementioned bleaching lights are not usually available with at-home treatments.

For those people who want an at-home whitening process, but don't want to bother with wearing trays filled with gel, a number of companies are now offering "whitening strips." These clears strips are applied to the teeth for thirty minutes, twice a day. They usually whiten teeth at least one or two shades within two weeks of use.

If a brighter smile is on your shopping list, wait no more. Whitening processes are effective and there's a whitening option to fit every pocketbook.


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