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Professional sports represent many things to many different people. From the gifted and talented players to the fans that dote on their every move and the companies who pay dearly for coveted product endorsements, professional sports have become ingrained in the American lifestyle.

Obviously, the percentage of aspiring amateurs who actually succeed in breaking into the big time is miniscule compared to the number that fall short. However, this truism has little impact on the millions of young athletes who believe that dedication, sacrifice and hard work will someday carry them to the World Series or have them sinking the winning putt in the Master's Golf Tournament in Atlanta. And, as long as their aspirations are not all consuming and they pursue more attainable goals as well, their dreams of participating in professional sports is not really a bad thing. What parent wouldn't rather have their child playing first base on a Little League team, or swimming in a relay race rather than roaming idly through a shopping mall looking for something to do? Sports build character, physical well-being and mental alertness - an excellent recipe' for all future endeavors.

What would sports fans do without professional sports! Think about it; if professional football, baseball, golf, tennis and NASCAR sporting events were taken off television, "fans" would be forced to converse with their wives/husbands. And, just think of the financial impact on the couch industry. it's common knowledge that thousands of couches are worn out each year by couch potatoes who glue themselves to the TV from Saturday afternoon until late Sunday evening. But, looking at the fan phenomenon with a serious eye, watching professional sports on TV provides affordable entertainment for millions of hard working people.

Where would Wall Street be without professional sports? Aside from the salaries of some CEO's, advertising has emerged as one of the most significant costs of doing business in America. It goes without saying that if advertising costs were totally eliminated, the price of many products could be reduced dramatically. It's estimated that including production expenses, it costs approximately $ 3.5 million for a 30 second advertising spot on the Super Bowl broadcast. Couple that with the millions paid directly to sports super stars for appearances and endorsements and you can see why people pay over $200 for a pair of tennis shoes.

Professional sports celebrities, just like movie stars, are America's idols. We place them on a pedestal, forgive them their social transgressions and push our offspring into their footsteps. I believe it safe to say that without professional sports the world would probably continue to exist, but our level of boredom would be overwhelming.


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