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Professional Skin Care


There are hundreds of professional skin care products available in shops and over the internet to help customers of all ages and skin conditions.

One of the most commonly used professional skin care products is a simple skin cleanser. These contain detergents to help clean and wet the skin. Cleansers also contain perfumes, dyes and preservatives. Preservatives are used to prolong shelf life by protecting against contamination and infection. Dyes and Perfumes are purely to give you a fresh, clean smell. It is important that you follow the instructions provided with your skin cleanser and if you're unsure consult a doctor.

For teenagers acne is a large skin problem. If not treated correctly it can lead to scarring and is by far the most common skin complaint in the age group 12 to 17.

Professional skin care isn't just about what products you use on your skin. Although not all doctors agree that your skin condition can be affected by what you eat, like chocolate and fast food, they will agree that you should keep away from them if it helps. It is also important to drink lots of fluids. Water is used in helping the digestion process and absorption of food and carrying nutrients to your skin and taking waste away from cells. To help maintain a health skin condition you should drink lots of fluids. Eating a low fat diet will also help maintain healthy skin. You should try a diet that's high in fruits and vegetables; also try regular exercise to help blood flow around your skin.

An important part of professional skin care and looking after your skin is a good bathing technique. You should use lukewarm water and wash with a gentle circular motion. If your skin is dry and fragile you shouldn't wash vigorously and be more delicate when washing. If possible you should try to wash your face twice daily. Washing your skin helps remove surfaces oils and dead skin cells. One cause of acne is oily build-up rather than dirt, so scrubbing hard won't help, just wash regularly.


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