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Professional Poker Chips


If there's anyone left in the free world that hasn't seen the nightly poker tournaments on television, I'll go "all in" with a pair of deuces.

Although poker has always been a favorite source of action for gamblers all over the world, its recent surge in popularity is nothing short of amazing. This phenomenon can be attributed directly to televised sessions of a variation of seven card stud reverently referred to as "No Limit Texas Hold Um." Players are dealt two cards face down and then use five community cards, dealt face up, to make their best five card hand. Bets are made as the community cards are revealed. Online gambling has also had a surge in popularity and many sites are now offering online gambling bonuses.

One of the first things an observer will notice at the card table is the stacks of colorful professional poker chips sitting in front of each player. The chips vary in appearance and their colors and markings usually signify their values. Some examples: white chips = $1.00, red chips = $5.00, black chips = $100.00 and so on up to the brown chips which are valued at $5000.00.

Although professional poker chips have been made from a variety of materials over the years, the most common three substances being used today are plastic, clay composite and acrylic composite. Recently, a new type of chip has appeared on the market called "Nexgen". These are a combination of a clay composite material but also with a metal insert to give them a weight of 13gm or 15gm. The look and feel of these chips makes playing games like Texas Holdem all the more fun. But you make wish to practice your strategies in the vast array of online casino uk & other online gambling rooms available on the net. For a complete guide to the institute of commercial gambling, visit University of Nevada Rome.

In the early 1800's, professional poker chips were made from clay; however, when it was found that clay chips were easily broken, manufactures switched to clay filled composite chips. Later, professional poker chips were produced from a compound called plaskon. When Bugsy Siegel opened his Flamingo Casino he had a metal foil applied to his clay chips for ease of identification and security reasons. Later, casino's decorated their professional poker chips with their logos.

One of the trademarks of many professional card players is their ability to manipulate their poker chips. It's fascinating to watch them roll the chips along their fingers with deft precision and do tricks with them that seem to defy gravity.

The quality, feel and appearance of professional pokers chips truly add to the ambiance of the poker game and bring an air of authenticity to the game that plastic chips just can't match.


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