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Professional Photography


There are many keys steps in improving the quality of the photos you take. Although we don't all have the equipment and training of the professional we can still improve our skills with some basic points and make our first steps into the world of professional photography.

When taking a standard portrait picture direct eye contact is important to professional photography. This helps create a much more personal feel to the photo that makes a more inviting picture that really involves you. With children this means crouching down and getting to their eye level.

Light is very important in pictures and professional photography. Make sure there is enough light on the subject, don't be afraid to use the flash outdoors during the day if it'll help put focus on the subject. If you're unsure take several pictures until you've mastered when and when not to use the flash. If you don't like the lighting then move you or your subject. Soften the light or take pictures in early morning or evening if you don't want the picture to come out too sharp.

Try taking vertical as well as landscape pictures. Remember that composition is also very important; there shouldn't be any part of the picture that isn't interesting. Imagine each object in the picture, be it a person, a building or a collection of trees, as having a weighting. Imagine now that the picture is a pair of scales, would it tip up because there is too much going on in one half of the picture and nothing in the other half? Try to balance the items of interest throughout the picture.

Most important is that you must be in charge of the picture. Professional photography isn't just about taking pictures but also about being a photographer. This means you must talk to your subjects, get them to move where you want and involve them in the scene you are trying to capture.

Professional photography isn't just about the camera you use; it's how you use it. Anyone can take professional looking photos; you just have to remember the important things; composition, lighting and your subject. Don't be afraid to get close up to your subject and try out different angles and lighting.


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