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Anyone who has ever packed their furnishings, clothing, appliances and assorted "essentials" that have been collected over the years and stored in their place of residence, knows the value of hiring a professional mover.

Nothing short of divorce or the death of a loved one can cause as much stress as moving into a new home. Packing items securely is nothing short of an art form. If each glass, crystal knickknack, computer, television and straw hat isn't stowed carefully and securely, damage costs can turn the moving budget into a voracious beast. Often, when all associative costs of "do it yourself" moving are tallied, hiring a professional mover proves to be the prudent course of action.

Statistics provided by the moving industry indicate that the vast majority of moves are local - 10 to 50 miles within the same state. Nevertheless, even if the move is across the street, the effort can tax one's energy and patience to the limit. Obviously, these short hops still require the same packing tasks; however, they lack the complexity and coordination challenges of the interstate move.

Professional movers often quote a price per pound cost for transporting household goods between states. As an example, in the early part of 2005, movers were quoting $.50 per pound for trips between Maryland and Florida. However, now that the price of gasoline is rising by the minute, that figure will probably hit $.75 per pound or higher. At those rates, it makes sense to think twice about moving an old couch or dining room table that can add hundreds of dollars to the final moving tab.

Most medium and large size moving companies will offer temporary storage as an option for those who need it. It is not unusual for someone to sell their home and have to vacate it before their new residence is ready for occupancy. In those cases, the moving company will pick up the person's goods, store them and then effect delivery when the new home is available.

Those energetic, brave, hearty souls who insist on moving themselves, (along with some number of friends who wish they hadn't answered the phone) can rent a truck and other necessary moving equipment such as: mats, dollies and boxes and still probably save a few dollars. However, informal studies have shown that by the time you buy hamburgers and beer for your shanghaied buddies and replace that broken grandfather's clock, hiring a professional mover would have been much cheaper.


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