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Professional Mistress


The term "professional mistress" has been used to describe a variety of different classes or types of women. To some, the term would immediately apply to the prostitute, who engages in sexual activities with men for financial consideration. Others would conjure up images of the "kept" woman, who pursues a relationship with a married man while allowing that man to finance all or some of her personal needs. While some women in this situation are basically faithful to their married provider, others allow themselves to be maintained by several partners. If there's a fine line between the outright prostitute and the "kept" woman, the distinction blurs when the woman broadens her stable of male partners. The professional mistress, just like the prostitute, is expected to provide sexual favors in return for her partner's financial support. Many acts performed by a professional mistress don't even involve the penis of the client.

A Dominatrix is a professional mistress of another persuasion. This woman caters to a class of men who feel the need to be humiliated, restrained, beaten or degraded in any number of different and often bizarre ways. Other than in a few locations in the United States, prostitution is illegal. However, society's taboo on sex for money doesn't usually apply to the services of a Dominatrix. If a man wants to pay a woman to spank him or "force" him to kiss the bottom of her feet, our laws rarely speak to that type of conduct. Apparently, whereas the marketing of sex is perceived to threaten the institution of marriage and erode our moral fiber, consenting humiliation is just ignored.

Although the concept of a professional mistress begs for society's moral condemnation, both the professional mistress and her clientele would argue that no harm is being done. They would offer the position that as consenting adults, they should have the right to pursue activities that do not harm anyone but themselves. Critics, on the other hand, argue that women are being exploited and that the conduct and activities in question are abhorrent to a civilized society.


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