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Professional Cookware


Whether you're a professional cook or a home cook, all cooks understand the importance of professional cookware. High quality chopping knives, good non-stick pans and decent appliances can all help to improve your cooking skills that you've been fine tuning for years.

Non-stick surfaces are just one of the basic features you can expect with professional cookware. A non-stick surface repels liquids, meaning you avoid burning whatever you're cooking to the bottom of the pan or wok. It also means when cooking things like pancakes and crêpes they will easily slide off the pan when you want. Another advantage is that they are easier to clean as the unwanted dirt will easily wipe off when cleaned. Most non-stick surfaces are a coating that is applied to pans, so you should not use metal cooking implements on a non-stick surface or you will scratch it or pull it off. For the same reason you shouldn't put them in the dishwasher either.

Another important feature of professional cookware is how well it conveys heat. When casseroling, or pan cooking, you want the heat to be transferred directly to the uncooked food with minimal loss in heat, this can drastically reduce cooking times. You also want heat to be transferred quickly, so you can begin cooking straight away. The heat transferred must also be done evenly over the entire surface of the pan for even cooking.

Knives are another important utensil for any cook and a professional cookware setup will include a good set of decent knives. Good knives are sharp and will cut through your ingredients with ease and minimal friction. They should also be durable, stainless steel is a common material for knives but the best knives are often ceramic.

Good cookware appliances are ones that make things easier for you and remove some of the more tedious parts of cooking. Appliances such as bread makes can make dough for you which you can then enhance or improve so your creative talents aren't wasted kneading dough. Mixers and whiskers are also good, simple appliances that help take some of the strain out of cooking doing tedious, repetitive tasks. Professional cookware doesn't just include the utensils you cut and stir with, but the modern electronic appliances that also help make cooking easier and more fun.


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