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Professional Carpet Cleaning


If there's one household chore that most people avoid like the plague, it's the messy, laborious task of cleaning their carpets. As a result, companies offering professional carpet cleaning services are abundant.

The five basic cleaning methods offered by most companies are shampooing, dry cleaning, dry foam, dry powder and steam cleaning.

Shampooing, the oldest method in use, is no longer the preferred method of choice for all carpets. This method utilizes a motorized circular brush to scrub the carpet aggressively, driving the solution deep into the pile of the rug. It requires relatively large amounts of cleanser and can therefore, result in prolonged drying time. Shampooing works best on low cut pile carpet.

The Dry Foam method is much like shampooing; however, whipped foam is applied to the carpet as opposed to the shampoo liquid. Dry foam does not offer the deep cleaning advantages of other professional carpet cleaning systems. The major benefit of this procedure is the reduced drying time.

Dry Cleaning might be considered the "quick fix" of professional carpet cleaning processes. A mist of cleaning product is sprayed on the carpet and a motorized buffer fitted with an absorbent pad is then applied. The pads are replaced as they become dirty. This method is not recommended for jobs requiring deep cleaning.

The Dry Powder process offers the fastest of all drying times. A powder that has been saturated with a cleaning solvent is spread on the carpet and brushed into the pile. After the brief drying period, the powder and dislodged soil are then vacuumed away. This procedure offers approximately the same results as the Dry Cleaning method. Its effectiveness is limited to the upper 1/3 portion of the carpet; it is not recommended for deep cleaning projects.

Steam cleaning, or more specifically - hot water extraction, is considered to be the top of the line of professional carpet cleaning systems. Hot cleaning solution is forced into the pile of the carpet to dislodge soil and grunge and is extracted immediately by the cleaning machine's vacuum. Hot water extraction is by far the most effective professional carpet cleaning process currently offered by commercial carpet cleaning companies. It has even earned the endorsement of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


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