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Professional Camera Repair


Although our society is filled with "shutter bugs" that pride themselves on their knowledge of photography, even the most experienced photographer is lost when it comes to professional camera repair. Be it a Minolta, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Leica or any other fine camera, tinkering with their intricate mechanisms requires skill and expertise above and beyond that possessed by the average photographer.

When seeking professional camera repair services, a consumer should be sure to select a repair service company that guarantees its work. Although the industry norm is a 90 day guarantee, some companies are now offering 180 days or longer. Most companies are now able to repair almost any manufacturer's brand; however, if your camera is still under warranty, it's important to select a company that is certified and authorized to honor that warranty.

There are three major sources of camera malfunction problems: cameras being dropped or being subjected to blunt trauma, getting dirt or a foreign substance in the gears or being submerged in water. While the internal gears and mechanisms of a camera can often survive a fall, submersion in water is another matter. Fresh water causes less damage than salt water; salt water will leave a gritty residue and lead to corrosion unless removed properly.

Today's cameras, unlike the simple box cameras of years ago, are finely tuned, intricate products of modern technology. As such, they function best when treated to a schedule of routine preventive maintenance which includes cleaning, lubrication and adjustments. Maintenance services and routine service contracts are available through any number of companies, both large and small, that specialize in providing professional camera repair services. Reputable contractors will open the camera to expose all of its operable parts and remove accumulated dirt and corrosion and re-lubricate those areas that require it. Lens glass, shutters, motor drives, meters and connections are cleaned and gaskets are replaced as needed. When the internal work is completed, the camera will be reassembled and tested.

For those photographers who want to tackle the task of performing routine maintenance on their cameras, or even making minor repairs, there is an extensive collection of "How To" manuals on the market. However, most of these manuals will caution that the more complex problems should be left to professional camera repair service providers.


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