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Professional Business Plan


To create a professional business plan, you have to start with an idea. Do you have an idea to start your own business? If so, that idea is your first step to creating a professional business plan. Getting started is often considered the hardest part. Sometimes it takes some brainstorming and talking with your peers to get the balls rolling.

You have the idea, so now you have to describe the goods or services you plan to provide. What is your target market? In your professional business plan, your target market needs to be identified to determine the feasibility of promoting your idea. This professional business plan also needs to be tailored to fit the audience that it will be presented to. Are you trying to get a loan? You need to emphasize your potential growth and profit margin in your business plan. For debt financing, you need to use facts and figures that will stress that you are not a high risk and that the debt will be repaid without any major problems.

Your professional business plan needs to map out your strategy - your idea, marketing of your idea and how you plan to cultivate additional business and increase your scope of marketing. All of these factors are tied together and usually if one factor fails in your business the rest fail as well. That is why banks and investors are very curious about how your strategy is mapped out in your professional business plan.

Who will be your competitors? How will you set yourself apart from the rest? Can you position your goods or services differently to gain a greater market share? These are all questions that should be answered within your business plan. If you plan to open a plumbing business and there are five others in your town, you have to create your own niche in order to compete.

The most important part of your professional business plan is to be realistic. You may have a superior good or service, but people will not switch to your product just because you say it is better. The marketing, product placement and proper enticements to lure customers to your business are all an important part of your professional business plan.


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