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Professional Beauty Supplies


The term "professional beauty supplies" can be confusing to the average consumer. Product manufactures contribute to the confusion by using marketing phrases such as: "professional results", "used by professional hairstylists nationwide" or "factory direct to you just like to professional salons."

"Professional beauty supplies" actually refers to a line of beauty care products and equipment that are usually sold exclusively to licensed beauticians, salon and spa owners and to cosmetology academies. However, the line between professional and average consumer blurs here again, because a number of product manufactures sell their products in both markets. Packaging and pricing is usually different for both markets, but the ingredients are largely the same. The products being distributed in the professional market are sometimes stronger than those sold for in-home use.

Price comparisons, when comparing identical products available in both markets, will reveal that the professional beauty supplies sold to professionals are somewhat cheaper. There are a number of obvious reasons for this. Salons often qualify for discounted prices by agreeing to use a particular manufacture's product exclusively. Furthermore, they buy in much larger quantities than the home use consumer. Salons and professional cosmetologists buy a much wider range of products than the general public. When you're buying scissors, curling irons, hair dyes, manicure tables and myriad other tools of the trade, manufacturers are eager to discount your purchases.

The Internet has allowed distributors of professional beauty supplies to expand their markets. Although many company's websites still claim to sell only to licensed cosmetology practitioners and salons, they lack an effective means of enforcing this rule. In fact, it would seem to be counterproductive for them to even make the effort.

Just as in most other industries, specialization has found a place in the sale of professional beauty supplies. Some companies cater exclusively to the manicure/pedicure market, with products such as acrylics, gels, fiberglass, files and buffers and the like. Other companies offer makeup: facial moisturizers, lipsticks, blushes and assorted lotions and creams. Still others, of course, focus on hair products.

Consumers all over the world spend billions of dollars each year on professional beauty supplies. From Botox injections that paralyze facial muscles to eliminate wrinkles to a hundred different shades of lipsticks, people are willing to pay almost anything to feed their vanity.


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