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Auto Glass Repair Professional


Go to an auto glass repair professional to get that chip or crack fixed before it spreads and you have to get a new windshield. Do not trust your vehicle's windshield to one of those "side of the road" places. Most auto glass shops have professional technicians that have been specially certified to work on your windshield.

An auto glass repair professional has to have had at least six months of active involvement in the auto glass industry prior to going for certification. Part of the requirement to become certified as an auto glass repair professional is to complete at least two hundred glass repairs on autos as well as complete a training course in auto glass repair. An auto glass repair professional can specialize in foreign cars or cars made domestically, if they choose to do so.

There are also auto glass repair professional kits that you can use as a do-it-yourself kind of project. You can find these kits in your local automotive store as well as a mass merchandise retailer. Some people just have small chips in their windshield that is not worth the trouble of paying a mechanic's shop to repair. These kits are fairly easy to use and take a little practice to find the right technique that produces the effect you need. Many times, these kits come with VHS or DVD instructional manuals to teach you how to use the auto glass repair professional kits to your best advantage.

There is a large market for an auto glass repair professional. If fact, people can buy their own auto glass repair professional kits and market their services to the public. Some people are earning a living by this trade and it also has a fairly high profit margin.

So you have a few options to fix cracks. One, you can go to your nearest garage and have an auto glass repair professional mend your windshield. Two, you can purchase your own kit and do it yourself. Three, you can go into business for yourself as an auto glass repair professional.


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